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24 October 2009 @ 11:27 pm
J-rock stuff + cosplay/anime/j-pop+k-pop stuff  
Price includes shipping. [listed for US residents, shipping will vary for intl buyers.]
Paypal only.
No refunds.
USA based seller.
USA buyers Preferred, however I will still accept international buyers, shipping price will vary.
Price negotiable
Verified seller on SOOMPI.COM [+40 -0]

Request for photos

Lead- Get Wild Life Single- $5 shipped.
Lead- Te no hira wo taiyo ni/delighted- $4 shipped.
Lead- Night Deluxe- $5 shipped.
High & Mighty Color- Pride $5 shipped.
High & Mighty Color- OVER $5 shipped.

Kyohei (ex member of FLAME} - To You.. - $8 shipped

Lead Movies 2 DVD- $10 shipped.
Lead ~the 1st live tour~ DVD- $10 shipped.
Deep Love movie (feat. Keita of Lead) - $10 shipped..