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25 October 2009 @ 04:59 pm
big sale! (continued)  
october 25th: new stuffs added
shipping worldwide is included in the prices.
please read the info post first!

clothes, accessoires & shoes:

cds & dvds:
new: zeal link comment dvds (with many different bands!), hyde, merry, screen of culminate omnibus, rentrer en soi (signed!)

posters, flyers, photos, stickers, cards:

photo books, magazines etc.:
new: deadman, lynch., kagen no tsuki photo making book (hyde), merry, high and mighty colors, mucc, phantasmagoria, sadie, d, guy's family, sug, nega, siva, versailles, -oz-, black:list, juliadoll, jinkaku radio, alice nine., mask, soroban, lolita 23q, gossip, ayabie, bis, an cafe, the studs, amaterase, 12012, zoro, zwei, balzac, mix speaker's,inc., wizard, daizystripper, d=out, serial number, lulu, gagaaling, etc.

misc. items:
new: lynch. mirror, buttons (girugamesh, sugar, rentrer en soi, jinkaku radio, kawaiinot), dog charm, earrings from korea, lucky cat charm