totoki_sales (totoki_sales) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Clearout FS

I'm currently doing a clear-out of all my Jrock stuff as I desperately need more room for my stuff :)
The items for sale include; Dir en grey BANDS magazine, Kyo's first poembook & Ba-tsu tie designed by Kyo, Dir en grey flyer 2006, Average Fury DVD  , Huge two sided Dir en grey poster, which can be found over here.
I am also selling some of my magazines, namely, Shoxx Index 2007, barks, fools mate and UV (featuring Die of Dir en grey), which can be found here.

As usual, feedback can be found here  on ebay, and here on etsy. You may also find feedback back at my selling Journal. Thank you.
Tags: music: jrock
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