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25 October 2009 @ 01:26 pm
Hikaru x Akira Novel Doujinshi  
Selling Hikaru x Akira Novel Doujinshi \o/

(Larger image under cut)

Front Cover

Back cover

Circle: Houseki-Hime (I believe?)
Title: 片恋同姓+(Katakoi Dousei PLUS)
What is it: A compilation works of the infamous pairing *__*
Pairing: Hikaru x Akira
Pages: 102
Size: B5 (I believe?)
Color: Cover and some pages that has pink-colored pages
Condition: Good

Inside of the book (If you're not familiar with novel doujinshi, just to let you know there is no furigana included in it. It's like reading a light novel or ... a novel xD)
Katakoi Dousei -> Editing of their work
Urakoi Dousei -> Three chapters
Be My Baby -> Newly-written work

Insert postcard-size illust (?) included :3

Price info
Total: US$6 + shipping and handling (depending on where you live)
Suggestion method of payment: Paypal (Note: Please use the PAYPAL FEE CALCULATOR to pay US$6 + Shipping in full)
Method of shipping: Regular
*Can ship to anywhere inside and outside of North America*
Contact: rebornlambo*gmail.com (* -> @)