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looking to buy! ^^

Hey ppls!
I'm looking to buy AGAIN! XD I just can't get enuff of L'Arc~en~Ciel... soooo. I need Laruku's REAL, True, Heavenly, and Tierra albums. and HYDE's 666 and/or Roentgen albums!!! Any singles would be fine too, but I'll only pay $7 (shipping included) for those, and only $5 for those with only 1 - 2 songs on them.

Also, if anyone has a rope chain choker or a barbwire choker similar to the one below, I'd like it too ^^

So please leave a comment if u have any of the above that u don't want and are in reasonable condition! ^^ Thanks a bunch in advance!!!
PS. i can only pay by concealed cash.
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