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02 November 2009 @ 05:03 pm
Lots of JRock Posters For Sale. ^.^!  
These are all double sided.
An Cafe/Gazette [HUGE POSTER.] $10
Girugamesh/Kanon Wakeshima $6

Jasmine You Memorial Poster/Alice Nine $7
Page sized Jasime You memorial poster $5
Vistlip/AKB48 $6

Aoi - $4
The Gazette - $5
MUCC - $5
Miyavi - $5
LM.C - $5
An Cafe - $5
Back-On - $3

Pix and info under the cut ^__^!

Prices do not include shipping but since everything is paper it shouldn't be more than $2.00, if that.
Paypal fees will be added in.
I will ship anywhere as long as you'd like to pay for it. :)
ALL of these posters & postcards are OFFICIAL
And last but not least; I'm not responsible for anything lost in the mail.






3. SOLD!


4. SOLD!



[This poster does not have a back]





These postcards are NOT flimsy cardboard they are very nice and sturdy. :)
If you'd like a close up pic of one of the postcards, feel free to ask. I'll take it. :)!
All prices are listed above the cut. ^_^
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(Deleted comment)
ちx_kyo_sama_x on November 3rd, 2009 11:57 pm (UTC)
^_^! Alright, it's all yours~ Where are you located so I can give you the correct total?
(Deleted comment)
ちx_kyo_sama_x on November 4th, 2009 12:00 am (UTC)
You're so lucky. ;_; lol Um, for international I've been using $5 for shipping. That should cover it since it is just paper. :) So your total with PP fees is: $12.80. If that's okay please send your payment to: VanillaGacktChan@aol.com
and if you could please include a note of which poster it is. :)!
(Deleted comment)
ちx_kyo_sama_x on November 4th, 2009 12:07 am (UTC)
Aww. ;_; I'd live on half a meal a day just to be able to be there. lollll I've been wanting to go for years and years. Then again I'd only be on vacation. x_X" lol
ちx_kyo_sama_x on November 4th, 2009 12:07 am (UTC)
And I got it~ ty~ ^_^
(Deleted comment)
ちx_kyo_sama_x on November 18th, 2009 04:53 pm (UTC)
Yes. I shipped it out on 11-6. :) I hope it reaches you soon!
krixekrixe on November 5th, 2009 08:23 am (UTC)
Hello! I was wondering if the Mucc/ Vamps poster was still available?
If it is, how much would it be shipped to 93117?
Thank you~
ちx_kyo_sama_x on November 5th, 2009 04:45 pm (UTC)
It is~ And it would only be $2. So your total with paypal fees would be: $8.55
If that's alright with you please send you payment to: VanillaGacktChan@aol.com
And if you could, please include a little note of which item you bought. :)!
ちx_kyo_sama_x on November 6th, 2009 05:50 pm (UTC)
Just wanted to let you know I got your payment. :)! You had perfect timing too. I'm going to the post office today~ So it will be going out today. ^_^!