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Please help out a poor college student by buying her stuff! =)
I'm selling asian clothes and accessories, as well as some manga!

I cut down a lot of the prices, but still, please feel free to HAGGLE \(*o*)/ because every penny and dollar counts!

**If you need any information on clothing measurements, close-ups, or better photos, leave a comment!**

Here is some selling information:

1. If you are looking for my feedback page, clicky here! ~
2. No refunds! Final sale! Please not that I am not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail.
3. Shipping is included in ALL of the prices unless otherwise noted.
4. I accept paypal, concealed cash (at your own risk!), checks, and money orders.
5. I am located in the USA, NY and currently do not accept any international orders besides Canada. Sorry! =[
6. I do accept some trades. But I am going to be really picky since I am pretty desperate for money right now. ^^;;
7. Please use ppcalc to calculate the paypal fee!

Cute Bunny Tunic

BRAND NEW. I wore it once but it wasn't for a long time. Never washed. Size is small-medium. Very cute and you will get a lot of compliments! Reason for selling this brand new item is because I need the money. I really like this hoodie and received a lot of compliments during the time I wore it. But sadly, it has to go. T____T; ^-^ Price: $20 shipped.

Magenta/White Wifebeater

Size: Medium. Worn 2x. Got this from Canada. I really love this tank..but unfortunately it doesn't fit me no more! T____T VERY comfortable tank and still in GREAT condition. Excellent for layering. Price: $5 shipped.

Red-lined Jean Jacket

Size: small. Never worn. Only tried once. A nice casual jean jacket that looks great with almost anything! =) I got it from a relative as a Christmas gift and unfortunately it doesn't fit me! =[ Price: $7

Pink zip-up

Size: Medium. Worn 3x. Cute! I got it from H&M for the winter and it is great for layering. Price: $10 $7 shipped.

Mezzo-Piano Top

Size: Small. NEVER worn. Only tried on. A very fun and unique top that's great for layering and for a fruitsy look. XD Price: $7 $5 shipped.

White Jean Jacket

Size: Medium. Never worn. Only tried on. This is pure white! NOT cream or off white! Another casual jean jacket that is great to add on to any outfit. Very cute. =] Price: $7 shipped.

Purple/Lime Skirt

Size: Small-Medium. Used. Got this from another livejournal user but it is still in great condition! Price: $5 shipped.

Pink/Baby Blue Skirt

Size: Small-Medium. Used. Got it from the same livejournal user as the previous skirt. Still in great condition! It's very cute. Price: $5 shipped.

Turquoise Tulle Skirt

Size: Small. NEVER worn, brand new with TAGS! Bought it from China. I was going to wear it this summer but I need some money so I'm going to sell it! It's a gorgeous dress with tulle coming out from underneath it! Price: $15 $10 shipped.

Black/White Polka-Dot Skirt

Size: Medium. Waist is 13" across. Worn 1x. An adorable skirt! Very stretchy so it can fit larger sizes. <3 Price: $4 shipped.

Mickey&Minnie Hoodie

Size: Small. Worn 2x. Features Mickey&Minnie! Nuff' said! :D Price: $6 shipped.

Cutie-Pie Bunny Shirt

Size: Medium. Worn 2x. Bought this from Hong Kong. The shirt says "Sweet Story" on the shirt..and indeed it is! ^^;;;; Perfect top for any decora lovers! Price: $5 shipped.

Miscellaneous Stockings/Legwarmers!

One-size. All very stretchy and comfortable to wear. Worn each 2-3x. The rainbow ones are leg-warmers, not stockings. Price (for EACH): $2 shipped.

Checkerboard stockings have been SOLD, thank you!


Purple/White necklace with strawberry
Blue/White necklace with cherry
Very kitchsy. =D
Price (For EACH): $3 shipped

Beaded necklaces in assorted colors. Nice to match outfits with!
Price (For EACH): $1.50 shipped

Pink/Baby Blue beads necklace
Price (For EACH): $3 shipped

Pink/Orange Star Necklace
Price: $2 shipped


Hello Kitty clips. =)
Price (For BOTH): $3 shipped
Price (For EACH): $2 shipped

The prices refer to EACH pair. NOT for all of the above. ^^;; You can mix and match if you want!
Price (A PAIR): $3 shipped

Doggy clips
Price (For EACH): $3 shipped



Ice cream hairties
Price (For EACH): $1.50 shipped

Cheerful Girl Tee

Size: Small. Worn 2x. An adorable tee with pretty gold sequins to add! =]
Price: $5 shipped


Red/White striped Hoodie

Size: Small. Another top that's great for layering. Nice and casual. Looks great with a red tank. =) Price: $6 shipped

Light weight pink skirt

Size: Small-Medium. Elastic waist. NEVER worn or washed! It is made of very light material so it is great to wear on a beach during the summer. Very pretty! \*o*/ Price: $6 shipped

It can also be worn as a tube top:

My Melody Earmuffs

Never worn, brand new ! Waii! So cute and fuzzy! But I need money so I'm going to sell it! >.< It keeps the ears warm for the winter, guaranteed! Price: $6 shipped

Glasses Dangles

Hand-made during my decora days! These are a lot of fun to wear. =)
Price: $7 shipped.

Blue Hooded Top

Size: Medium. Very comfy and stretchy. Would be great to wear at the gym. Only worn 1x. And don't worry, I never sweated in it at a gym haha.
Price: $5 shipped.

Turquoise/Black Hoodie Top

Size: Medium. Just like the top before this one. Made out of same stretchy material. =)
Price: $5 shipped.

H&M Red/Black Blazer

Small-Medium. Bought from H&M. Flattering to wear. Only worn ONCE. In new condition. Looks great for punk outfits. Could be worn formally too!
Price: $20 shipped. It is heavy.

Purple/Black Strpe Dress

Adorable! I love this so much. Looks great with black leggings. The bottom has some black tulle coming out. Very pretty. =) I only wore this once! Unfortunately I got a little bit of purple fabric stain on one of the shoulder straps, but it is very unnoticeable since the dress itself is purple/black! I actually just noticed it as I was taking pictures of it. =/
Price: $8 shipped.

The stain:

Threadless Rock Band Office Shirt

Has been worn and washed, but still has a lot of wear left in it! If you love the concept of partying in the office, then this is for you.
Price: $5 shipped.

Kitty top

Cute, worn 2x. Size: small. I really love this, it's very flattering but I have to give this up for $$. =(
Price: $7 shipped.


Meow! :3

"I love club music" shirt

Awesome shirt. NEVER worn. Brand new. The heart on the shirt is surrounded with pearls. =) I love this shirt, but I never got a chance to wear it ever since classes have started so I decided to part with it. =( Please give it a good home!
Price: $6 shipped.

Leftover Manga:
Selling $4 shipped each.
All in excellent condition. =]

Matantei Loki Ragnarok Vol. 2
Tactics Vol. 1
Tactics Vol. 2
Peacemaker Kurogane Vol. 1
Peacemaker Kurogane Vol. 2
Peacemaker Kurogane Vol. 3
Fruits Basket Vol. 1
Fruits Basket Vol. 2
Fruits Basket Vol. 3
Fruits Basket Vol. 6
Tags: fashion: general, manga: english
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