Justice for all (puckyducky) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Justice for all

WTB: Airmyu photosets

I'm looking for the photosets from the air gear musicals. I'm most of all interested in the Bacchus characters, but I might be interested in the others too if the price is right/they come with Bacchus sets.

The ones I DON'T need anymore are: Kenken/Ikki (both), Kousuke/Hamlet (1st), Yuya/Puck (2nd), Akira/Macbeth (2nd)

If you have any you'd like to sell to me, please show me a picture and how much you'd like for them shipped to Belgium. ^_^ Thank you!

Also, if anyone has anything from RUN&GUN or the members, feel free to show them as well!
Tags: wanted
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