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Needs to hit the road, Jack: Punk items and WACOM tablet w/ Photoshop

The amazing pre-pre-less-than-60-days-until-Chrismas-sale! ... ? :B It works!

Sold~ Today, among the things I have decided to ditch is a Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet.
It includes several software programs including Adobe Photoshop Elements. It also has a stylus with an "eraser", a wireless mouse, a pen stand, and additional stylus tips. Compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Everything is still in perfect working condition and in excellent state. No flaws at all. The only thing I can think of is it shows normal signs of wear, as I used to use it for regular mouse uses. I almost never used it for the Graphic art purposes, and still don't, hence the sale.

I bought it as a bundle on for about $100 shipped. I am asking $60 + shipping to you, or best offers will be considered too.

I will answer any additional questions about it.

I also have a complete set of Evangelion with all 6 DVDs. I've watched it a few times and put the DVDs back in their cases when I was done, so they have absolutely no scratches or damage. They all come in a convenient hard case with a holographic finish, with Asuka on one side and Rei on the back.

Open to offers on this to, but looking for at least $30 + shipping to you since it's practically brand new.

I still have a Sexpot Revenge Hip pack.

Looking for $30 shipped in the USA but open to offers.

Last but not least I have a vintage h.Naoto cardigan with a kick-ass skeleton print. 
Looking for $45 + shipping to you but open to offers.

As a note on shipping, I am a full-time college student and I also have a part time job. Due to a recent experience I will make the extra effort to MAKE time to go to the post office if I do not have a day off, however, please allow a week at maximum for me to ship. :3 

My goal is to ship in less than 7 days, that is the best I can offer. If you really need something in a jiffy I'm willing to accommodate.

Journal (cherielavendre)
Loligoth database (cherielavendre)
eBay (hachi.ko)

Any other questions, fire away, I swear I don't bite!
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