Brandi (destinyandfate) wrote in garagesalejapan,

i still have some of the sailor moon merchandise
I was selling for my friend. I added some my stuff too.

SailorMoon (princess serenity) doll 6 inches
Sailor Moon 8 pack of bandades
Sailor Moon laminated poster (Usagi and Mamoru)
Sailor Moon Poker Deck
Sailor Moon mini ruler
pack of Sailor Moon stationary
Sailor Moon notebook
Sailor Moon Dress up doll book
Sailor Moon mini album
Oh My Goddess laminated poster
Kamui X/1999 wall scroll
Card Captor RPG Import Playstation Game
3 Sailor Moon pencil boards ( some signs of wear)
Onegai Twins manga
Ai Yori Aoishi vol.1-5
Girl Got Game vol.1-4
Crscent Moon vol.4
Viz Sneak Peek Summer 2005
CMX Preview 2004,2005
Tsubasa vol.1
Comic Party vol.1,2
Kill Me Kiss Me vol.2,3
Ah My Goddess Movie Soundtrack
Kodocha vol. 7,10
if interested , you can leave a comment or email me at
Thanks for your time.
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