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Japanese and German manga, novel and PSP game for sale!

I'm selling some of my Japanese and German manga as well as a PSP game. Take a look and leave a comment if you're interested. Optionally, you can also send me a private message :) Shipping depends on your location and the combined weight of the items you're interested in. I'm shipping from Austria and I'm always trying to get the lowest shipping charges possible for you.

Manga (Japanese) (price per manga: 5€/7USD):

Koori no mamono no monogatari volume 1
Koori no mamono no monogatari volume 4
Eikaiwa School Wars volume 1
Fushigi Yûgi: Genbu Kaiden volume 6
Demon Sakuriido volume 6
Demon Sakuriido volume 7
Aoiro Keiyaku

Manga (German) (price per manga: 3€/5$):

Shinshi Doumei Cross volume 1
Shinshi Doumei Cross volume 2
Shinshi Doumei Cross volume 3
Shinshi Doumei Cross volume 6
Silver Diamond volume 1
Dein liebliches, eiskaltes Ich (orig. title: ROMANCE: Itoshiku tsumetai kimi)
Das Glockenturm Gespenst volume 3 (orig. title: Kisetsu hazure no kaidan)
Highschool Love volume 1(orig. title: Seitokaichou ni chukoku)
June Pride volume 1
Junjo Romantica volume 1
When a man loves a man: a hunt for passion volume 1
Only the ring finger knows (orig. title: sono yubi dake ga shitteiru)
Sexy Effect 96 volume 1
Love Contract (orig. title: Koi wa keiyaku no ato de)

Novel (German) (price: 6€/8USD):

Trinity Blood: Der Stern der Trauer (orig. title: Trinity Blood: The Star of Sorrow)

PSP game:

Dissidia: Final Fantasy (I'm selling the German version of the game, but don't worry, it's entirely possible to play the game on any other PSP, including Japanese or American PSPs. The voice over is English, the main menu is in German, but it's not that difficult to navigate through it since the different modes have mostly English names) (25 €/37 USD)

Photos of the items:

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