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Direct Sale!

Selling a bunch of items including:
-Final Fantasy Unlimited DVD 1 w/box
-Armitage Dual Matrix DVD Lunchbow set with limited Todd McFarlane Figure
-.Hack DS Grunty Plush w/ tags
-Shaman King Anna OFFICIAL cosplay necklace & bracelet
-Prince of Tennis Karupin Plushie w. Zipper tote bag & plastic sports bag
-Prince of Tennis Six different Momoshiro Plush, some old and RARE!
-Shoulder Length Purple Synthetic Wig with bangs, brand new in original package

Prices do not include shipping. I will ship worldwide. I accept Paypal, Money Orders, & Concealed cash! Payment must be in within 7 days of payment or items go off to the next buyer!

I have over 700 positive comments on eBay, so buy with confidence!

Final Fantasy

1. Final Fantasy Unlimited Boxset w/1st DVD - $20
Retails for $39.98, sells for $35.98 at Amazon
Includes Boxset and first DVD, never even watched. Brand new with original cardboard insert!


2. Stuffed DX Grunty Plush, with tags - $10
Sells for $23, I bought it at a convention for $25


3. Armitage Dual Matrix Lunch Box Set w/Figure & DVD - $15

Retails for $69.98, Sells at Amazon for $62.98,
Set comes packaged in a Limited Edition Metal Lunch Box that includes an exclusive Armitage figurine by McFarlane Figurine only found in this set and the DVD. The DVD is still new in shrinkwrap, figure never removed from the box.

Shaman King

4. OFFICIAL Anna cosplay necklace & bracelet with original packaging - $40
These pieces of jewelry were manufactured by Movic for a limited time and then quickly dissapeared. I wore them once while wearing my Anna costume and then stored them in their original packages. They're in brand new condition, don't even look like they were touched!

Included in this auction is Anna's official necklace with fancy black box. These beads are HEAVY and stiff! Exactly like in the anime. They are long in length so you wear them as :two strands" as you see in the reference picture. Or you can just hold them in your hands like you're using them like Anna does in the anime. The center ball has the gold metal piece with red tassle, which some cosplayers forget to put on their jewelry!

The second piece is the matching official bracelet. Same color beads as the necklace. Elastic bracelet so it will fit a variety of sizes. My favorite part of this bracelet is that the larger senter bead, there is a little hole. Hold the bead up to the light and look through the hole and there is a picture of Anna and Yoh together, very cute! I paid $55 alone just for the necklace!

Prince of Tennis

5. Prince of Tennis OFFICIAL Kaurpin Plush Doll with Drawstring Sports Bag - $30
This Karupin plush is super rare, I only saw a small number of vendors carrying it a few years back. This is official merchandise made by Movic. Brand new with original tags. Karupin is super fluffy and the colors are exact to how he looks in the anime. Included is the infamous bag that Karupin sneaks into during Karupin's Adventure. The bag is tote style with two handles and a zipper closure. Also included is a blue plastic drawstring bag with the Prince of Tennis logo on one side, Seigaku Tennis Club on the other. This came with Karupin to store him away safely to keep dust off of him. Everything is pictured. I paid $50 for this. Would be cute carried by a cosplayer!

Various Momoshiro Plushies from Prince of Tennis

I have collected these plushies over time and it has taken me awhile to obtain some of these as some are long out of print. They were only found in Japanese Crane machines and never sold in stores. I focused on collecting Momo since he was my favorite character! All plushes are new with tags and AUTHENTIC
6. Photo Frame Plushie - $10
7.School Uniform Plushie - $10
8.Matsuri Plushie - $8
9.Winter Plushie - $5
10.Valentines Chocolate Plushie - $8
11.Animal costume Pink monkey plush - $10
12.X'mas stocking mini plush ornament - $5 or buy 3 or more plush and I will throw it in free!


13. Shoulder Length Synthetic Fiber wig with bangs in Light Purple - $20
I bought this off of for $39.99 as you see, brand new with tags and never worn. 18" in length and has bangs as pictured. High quality and not Halloween store crap! Light Purple in color as shown in the swatch, COLOR IS CALLED PURPLE BUT IS LIGHT!

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