Dead (owlmuffin) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I'm alive! And I have some news:

I will not be getting any more new memo pads! Like, EVER. So if there is one that you would like, get it now because I will stop selling them! In fact, to help me get rid of them, I have a SALE! Get ten memo pads (large or mini) and get $1 off of your bill or $1 refund.

I am:

*Selling stickers, sacks, sheets, grabbies, etc
*Doing special orders
*Raising money for myself for once because my university bill put me in debt and I want to go to France because that’s my minor.
*Needing to get my house cleaned out anyway.
*Working on items for my etsy store, which has been severely neglected. D:
*Taking suggestions to better my selection and my service.
* SELLING SOME OF MY PERSONAL COLLECTION!! D: I will be sad to see it go, but circumstances are what they are.

Random info about products:

*I will not be getting any more memo pads, and I will probably not get many more letter sets either.
*Single and packs lettersets getting their photos retaken and will be back in a bit with a sale.
*Same goes for the memo sets and mini memo sets.
*Prices on the random stuff / garage sale items are negotiable and I might be willing to give them for free with other items that you pay for.
*Like I said, 10 memo pads, mini or regular, used or new, that are paid for I will give you $1 in a refund -or- off of your bill total.
*I am also working on compiling some stationary grabbies if anyone seems interested.
*I take paypal, money order, personal check, and yes, even cash. Please see my FAQ!

Don't forget about the new Punch Cards!

There are lots of easy ways to get points for your punch card, which you can redeem for cash off of your purchase! Check my transaction page to see if you already have one, or check my newest page to see how easy it is to get one!!

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