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WTB Akira figure

 Heyhey, everybody~!



I'm looking for an Togainu no Chi figure. It's the figure of Akira in his military suit (Der soldat) version, and I've looked for it everywhere, but so far have been unable to find him. I know I can find one on ebay, but that figure is the 'White suit limited edition' version, while I would like a figure that fit's with my (black suit) Shiki ^^


If anyone has this figure laying around, or doesn't want it anymore, would you consider selling it to me? It would make me the happyest TnC fangirl alive! Just name a price, and I'll see if my budget will allow it for me. Thanks! ^///^


I'm also willing to trade it for 2 Hetalia Anthologies (one of 200 pages and one with 350+ pages), or a Final Fantasy Dissidia game:


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