Somewhere Over the Rainbow (kyo_yami) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Some things for sale ^^

Hi ^^ I'm based in the UK, and can accept postal orders and personal cheques from those living in the UK, i also accept paypal for the UK and international :)

Well, here's my stuff ~ if you wish to see a picture, just comment with you email address ^^

+Official FF8 OST ~ 4 CD'S with stickers and booklet [everything mint except for one sticker has been used] Offers taken

+K*Star Black thick EGL ruffle coat. Gorgeous! Size 12 UK. As new! Reasonable offers taken I did pay £60 for this originally, and it has been worn twice!

+EGL Medium size black capri pants with white lace heart back pockets and lace tiers around bottom of leg. Size 10-14 Stretchy. Offers taken

+Demonia black patent leather boots with tartan sides - mid calf length. Size 6 UK, worn ONCE only, but scuffed on the front slightly, as these were worn on the Dir en grey concert, berlin! So they are tough wearing boots, otherwise they are like new. £60 or closest offer

Thankyou! Shipping will be determined later :)
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