panda (puppenblut) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Lot's of Stuff on eBay

Hello ;D I am selling a few things on eBay,
shipping will be from germany
and I do accept Paypal and ship world wide so please take a look!! If you want to know the price in your currency, just go to google and type in xx € in $ or so.

I am also selling a white Docomo phone (P906i) in good condition. It comes with lots of stuff, like 3 hypersim so that you can try which works best for your provider. It is really beautiful and easy to use. It has also Gundam and Professor Layton as games on it ;D

 (click to view auction and description)

30 Karo-Taler / Karotaler von Animexx (german community)

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings NDS

M.A.C Powder Select Sheer/Pressed NW 15 only tested

Gladiator Wedges size 39 brown black

Shonen-Ai Manga Surprisepackage (6 Manga) german
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