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08 November 2009 @ 01:22 pm
Selling stuff!  
CDs - all in good condition for $6 each
Dir en grey - Withering to Death
EeL - people people
Polysics - Polysics or Die

manga - all in perfect condition (most were never even read) for $7 each
Bizenghast vol. 1
Chobits vol. 3
Cross (by Sumiko Amakawa) vol. 2
Gravitation (the Novel)
xxxHolic vol. 1

magazines - all in good to perfect condition (all were barely looked through) for $10 each
Cure vol. 34 (ft. 12012)
Cure vol. 35 (ft. Ayabie)
Cure vol. 39 (ft. An Cafe)
Homemade Gosu Loli vol. 5 (note: I ripped the patterns out of this mag [you were supposed to]. But don't worry, you can see the patterns perfectly and you'll still get them.)
Shoxx vol. 163 (ft. Sendai Komatsu)

cloth poster of Mana (from Moi dix Mois) - for $12

This is in great condition. Note: the two bars will be taken off of the poster to make shipping easier for me and cheaper for you.
(click here for crappy cellphone photo of what it looks like)

paying and shipping
For now, paypal is the only way I can accept money.
These will be shipping from Pennsylvania. The cost will depend on what you buy and where you live.
I can accept offers that are outside of the United States, but I'm just warning you that the shipping may be expensive.

Please comment me with what you want and your email address if you're interested, and we'll get to the details.
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