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Junk-O Sales
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EVERYTHING MUST GO!! Slashed prices!!!

Brand New Gmarket Beanie From Korea $25 SHIPPED each


-Serious buyers only
-Located in Canada
-Prices are in USD
-Most items are used, otherwise stated
-I will only accept Paypal(w/ fee) and concealed cash, no coins(at your own risk, Canadian Residence only)
-Trade is accepted
-Payment must be received within 7 days after invoice has been sent
-I ship worldwide, but you pay shipping
-Item(s) will be shipped out within 3 days after receiving payment
-I can not be held responsible for any lost or damaged items
-No return or exchange
-I'm fairly easygoing, so please message me for anything!

***An extra $3USD for international shipping***
***Paypal with fee 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD****


Please send an email including:
Full name:
Payment type:

Email should be sent to chunfeifeng@gmail.com
Please feel free to comment or email me for any questions. ( ^ ^ )

Custom cellcharms and keychains. You can choose your own pictures and I will make them into charms/keychains for you. The picture charms are double sided, so you can use up to two pictures on one single charm. The first two charms are free, but if you want more, then it's $.50 for every extra charm. Each cellcharm and keychain will have 1-2 extra beads/decor with it, extra $.50-.75 for each bead if you want more.
Price: $12-$20 (depends on how much you want on it)


Items Q1(green),Q2,Q3: Brand new beanies ordered from Gmarket. Survey leftovers.
Price:$25 shipped each (more then 2-->$20 each)


item Q4: Brand new. Grey Gmarket unique muffler. Survey leftover
Price:$25 shipped


Item Q5: Brand new. Ivory Gmarket muffler. Survey leftover.
Price:$25 shipped

Item s1: I only wore this shirt once to a family portrait. It’s a very stylish halter with a poka-dot pattern. There’s nothing wrong with it. Size is medium.
Asking for: $20$15 shipped

Item s2: I only wore this twice. I really like this jacket, but unfortunately I grew in width and it does not fit me anymore.....Size is extra small. No problems with it.
Asking for: $25$20 shipped

Item s5: Its a rainproof jacket. I only wore this a few times. Nothing wrong with it. Size small.
Asking for: $25$15 shipped

Item s6: Its a very cute top with a floral print and a lace v-neck line.There’s also a waist tie-up. I never wore this, but I ripped off the tags because I thought I was going to wear it one day, but that day obviously never came so I’m selling it. Size is extra small.
Asking for: $15 shipped

Item s8: These sneakers were given to my sister for a gift, but their a little to punk for her taste. She did wear them once to school just show her friend that she does wear them. Size is 38.
Asking for: $30 shipped

Item j4: These hairpins were also bought to go with my prom outfit, but that didn’t work out either (wasted so much money...).Nothing wrong with them, never worn, only tried on a few times. Very pretty.
Asking for: $8 (for both, not sold separately) no extra shipping cost

Item h11: A unique necklace with a safety pin to clasp it close.
Price: $9 no extra shipping cost

Item P1: Punk style wallet, never used,plastic like material
Asking for: $12 for wallet free shipping; $9 for gloves free shipping

T2: ($6)band on reverse side is ripped off, picture upon request
T5: good condition
Asking for: $7 each no extra shipping cost

Item B1 (beaded one): This is a clip-up clutch. Only used once. It has a string handle.There are some loose beads on it, but still fairly presentable.
Asking for: $16 shipped
Item B2 (red and black one): This is a clip-up clutch. Only used a couple times. I got this clutch for around $15-18 (don’t remember). There’s nothing wrong with it. It has an oriental design, very stylish.
Asking for: $16$12 shipped

Item w2: I used this wallet for about half a year. There is a small tear at the corner of the photo card holder (circled in white). I bought this at a boutique for around $40.
Asking for: $20$15 shipped

Item w4: This wallet is fairly old, but it was never really used that much. It’s made of denim and has two sections to it as shown in the picture. It also has a key ring, so you can attach your keys to it.
Asking for: $12 shipped

Item b7: I only used this bag twice when I went on vacation to Calgary and Paris. Its fairly big and can fit loads in it. There’s nothing wrong with it.
Asking for: $30 shipped

Item b9:This bag was given to me as a gift. NEVER been used. Tag still attached. Not sure how much this was bought for. This is fairly big, one of those oversized style bag.
Asking for: $30$25 shipped

Item b10: This purse was a gift. I used this once when I went on a trip. Not sure how much it was, but there’s nothing wrong with it. I carry a lot of junk, so this purse is a bit small for my use. It’s very adorable made of a velvety material.
Asking for: $16 $12 shipped

m1: La Corda d’Ora, perfect condition, basically new.
m2: Yoki Koto Kiku, perfect condition, basically new.
m3: Rose Hip Rose, good condition, back cover has a slight dent.
Asking for: $4.50 + ($5 shipping)

Asian CD
C1: Jay Chou, cracked case
C2: Lee Jung Hyun, cracked case SOLD
C3: Various Female Artists, good condition
C4: Edison Chen, good condition
Asking for: $5 + ($5 shipping) each

Item r1 and r2: I never hung them up, but because of the way I stored it, a couple of corners are slight bent, its barely noticeable.
Asking for: $20 tubed and shipped for both

Item s11: Cute bubble dress. Again never been worn, but only tried on for a few times.
Asking for: $25 shipped

Item s12: Cute turtle neck short sleeve. This shirt has been worn and washed a few times.
Asking: $12 shipped

item s14: Pencil Skirt. Brand new, never worn, tag still attached.
Asking for: $20 shipped


item s15: Very cute lolita skirt. Only worn once. It has a beautiful lace material that peaks out from underneath the skirt. This was bought for $150, straight from Japan.
Asking for: $100 $80 shipped

Item s19: These shoes only worn once, it's not my style anymore, but I still like them cuz they look so cool. There's no point to keep them if I'm not gonna wear them so I need to get rid of it. Size 38, but fits a size 7 fairly well too.
Asking for: $60$50 shipped

Item C5: Glay cd. 3 Tracks. I got this from a friend, but I don't listen to Glay.
Asking for $10 shipped

item B11: Postage bag. Only used a few times, nothing wrong with it.
Asking for: $25 shipped

item B13: Funky bag, fits a lot. Good for school. It was a present from Taiwan, never used.
Asking for: 40$30 shipped (heavy)

item v1: Retro belt, brand new.
Asking for: $20$15 shipped

item e11: Booties. Worn a few times, very cozy.
Asking for: $20$15 shipped

item e15: Headbands, never used.
Asking for: $10 shipped both

item e16: Vintage keychain, out of battery though.
Asking: $15$10 shipped

item e17, e18: Jay Chou and Rain magazine (both are 2005), great condition.
Asking for: $26$20 shipped each (very heavy magazines!!)

item e19: Japanese fashion magazine (one of my favorite magazines, lots of great stuff in it). Good condition, minor marks.
Asking for: $25$15 shipped (heavy!)

item e20: Fahrenheit puzzle.
Asking for: $18 $15 shipped

item r3: Special edition 2 disc Rain's Coming Tour concert dvd. Comes with special tour stuff: photobook, and 8 postercard pictures. Excellent condition!
Asking for: $70 $55 shipped

item r4: It's Raining concert dvd, got it from ebay.
Asking for: $25 $18 shipped

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