AngstnoKami (angstnokami) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I have no space anymore! Selling various things--

I don't have feedback on GSJ yet, but here is my eBay feedback.

To contact (ask for shipping price, hold, whatever), leave a comment or e-mail angstnokami at gmail dot com.

AnimaMundi game - new in packaging $5

Dragon Drive sticker - holographic front, adhesive on back $1

Gantz DVD vol. 3 - new in packaging $3

Hikaru no Go small poster - new in packaging $3

Infinite Ryvius sticker - adhesive on front $1

JAST USA bishoujo game trading cards - new $0.50 each

Kenshin doujinshi collection - Sano/Kenshin - flipped through once - $1

Level C manga vol. 1 - read once or twice $2

Level C manga vol. 2 - read once or twice $2 ($3 for both 1 and 2)

RG Veda manga vol. 1 - first few pages flipped through once, otherwise new $2

S-Cry-Ed necklace - handled a very little bit but never worn $3 SOLD

Stratos4 small double-sided shijitaki - never used $1

Tea Society of a Witch game - new in packaging $3

??????? - I have no idea what series this doujinshi is from - FREE just pay for shipping

Yakitate Japan doujinshi - flipped through once, otherwise new $1

Yami no Matsuei doujinshi - Tsuzuki/Hisoka $5

Tags: anime, collectibles, doujinshi, manga: english, music: other, video games
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