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Does anyone have a Abra and the Psychic Pokemon VHS or DVD for a good price.Here a summary:
Ash and his friends arrive in Saffron City, where they see a strange girl who almost causes Ash an accident. As they go through the city gates, two girls in Hawaiian dress show up and trick them into going in a room through a warp tile from which they can't escape; it turns out the two girls are Jessie and James, and before they can get away with the captured Pikachu the mysterious girl shows up, paralyzes them and teleports Ash and his friends and Pikachu to safety. Outside the Saffron City gym, a man warns Ash not to challenge Sabrina, the Gym Leader, but Ash doesn't listen and challenges her. The little girl that freed them is actually a doll that Sabrina owns, and with her Abra (who she evolves into Kadabra during the battle), she defeats Pikachu and traps Ash and his friends in a doll house using her telekinetic powers. They escape thanks to the man who warned them earlier, and after a brief telekinetic struggle, he tells Ash that the only chance he has to defeat Sabrina is to get a Ghost Pokémon from Lavender Town. So, Ash and his friends leave for Lavender Town...
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