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*CHEAP* Miyavi DVD + Lead(J-POP) Cds + Rain&Epik High Cds + DBSK merch

Price includes shipping. [listed for US residents, shipping will vary for intl buyers.]
Price negociable
Paypal only.
No refunds.
USA based seller.
USA buyers Preferred, however I will still accept international buyers, shipping price will vary.
Verified seller on SOOMPI.COM [+40 -0]

Miyavi PV Collection DVD
Price: $18 Shipped.
Includes PVs such as 'Girls be ambitious, POP IS DEAD, etc'


- *RARE* Soroban mini album (J-ROCK)
- Autographed GYPKISM single
- Lead singles (J-POP)
- DBSK/TVXQ Merch (diary, socks, shirt, magazines, pbs, posters)
- Epik High Album + Rain 3rd & 4th Album
- Lee Junki postcards

Price: $8 Shipped.

Price: $8 SHIPPED.


Lead- Get Wild Life Single- $5 shipped.
Lead- Te no hira wo taiyo ni/delighted- $4 shipped.
Lead- Night Deluxe- $5 shipped.
High & Mighty Color- Pride $5 shipped.
High & Mighty Color- OVER $5 shipped.

Kyohei (ex member of FLAME} - To You.. - $8 shipped. (includes freebie photobook!!)

Lead Movies 2 DVD- $8 shipped.
Lead ~the 1st live tour~ DVD- $8 shipped.
Deep Love movie (feat. Keita of Lead) - $8 shipped.

'The way u are' Junsu socks

Price: $4 Shipped.

TVXQ 2007 Diary
Price: $12 Shipped.
note: rly cute >__<

*RARE* OFFICIAL TVXQ 'World cup' series t-shirt

Size: Free? (mainly small or medium)
Price: $13 Shipped.
note: never worn.

Magazines featuring TVXQ/DBSK
Price each: $6 SHIPPED.
note: does not include poster.

TVXQ Tommorow 000777 Days Photobook
Price: $22 Shipped.

TVXQ Photobook + Freebie TVXQ Postcard
A compilation of a variety of TVXQ photos from 2004-2005.
Price: $7 Shipped.


Tohoshinki Laminated Poster A (bought in harajuku tokyo~)
Price: 12.99 shipped.
note: poster must be tubed since it is laminated. **will include a freebie regular dbsk poster :)**

TVXQ mini shopping/gift bag

Price: $4 Shipped.

Lee Junki Postcard Set

Price: $2 Shipped.

Rain 'It's raining' album + freebie poster
Price:  $6 Shipped.

Rain 4th Album
Price: $6 Shipped.

Epik High 'Swan Song' Album
Price: $6 Shipped.

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