m3zzop1ano (m3zzop1ano) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Phone Book Magazines for Sale & Question about Circle Lens

Hi, I have a few recent Ribon and Shonen Magazine phone book magazines (with all furoku available, either included with the magazine or sold separately) for sale at my journal. I bought them brand new, mostly out of curiosity, but I don't have enough room to keep them. I combine shipping whenever possible, and I'm open to reasonable offers. If you're interested, please take a look:

Ribon 10/09

Also, this is completely unrelated (and hopefully okay to ask here), but I was wondering if anyone out there with vision insurance and/or a FSA account has paid for circle lenses with their insurance? Would fashion contact lenses count under "contact lens supplies"? And if so, can I purchase from any website/seller that sells them (such as the sellers who advertise in GSJ), or do I have to purchase from a webstore that has a name which blatantly shows that they sell contact lenses? are there stores you've purchased from and successfully gotten reimbursed? I will most likely purchase the contacts first and then submit a reimbursement form. I was thinking if contact lenses and plastic surgery are covered under the FSA, then why not fashion contacts ^_^;? Any advice or expertise on this subject matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Tags: magazines, manga: japanese
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