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15 November 2009 @ 10:03 pm
[for sale] SHOXX/CURE Magazines and DEG Merch~  
SHOXX/CURE Magazines:
CURE August 2006 Vol. 35 with POSTER [Ayabie]
CURE September 2006 Vol. 36 [Kagerou]
CURE October 2006 Vol. 37 with POSTER [Phantasmagoria]
CURE October 2006 Vol. 37 [Phantasmagoria]
CURE November 2005 Vol. 38 with POSTER [NOIZ]
CURE December 2006 Vol. 39 [An Cafe]
CURE April/May 2007 Vol. 43/44 with POSTER [Megamasso]
CURE June 2007 Vol. 45 [Guys Family]
CURE June 2007 Vol. 45 [Guys Family]
SHOXX November 2006 Vol. 165 [LM.C]
SHOXX December 2006 Vol. 166 with POSTER [SID]
SHOXX March 2007 Vol. 169 [Kagrra]

Dir en grey Merch:
Uroboros SIGNED by Kaoru and Shinya
Agitated Screams of Maggots Single
A Knot Of DVD
Family Values Tour 2006 CD/DVD
Inward Scream Tour Poster
Inward Scream Tour Poster SIGNED by Die
The Rose Trims Again Tour DOUBLE SIDED Poster
Kodou Poster
Kyo from Mitsu no Tsuba 16.5in. x 11.75in Photo
TWO The Rose Trims Again 3.25in. x 5in. Stickers

More info here @ veiled_disgrace
I can also be contacted at impure.moral@yahoo.com