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For Sale


konkon_sales has a variety of items up for sale.

Shop Photos

Special Mail Order Shop Photos - V6, Arashi, KAT-TUN, TegoMass and Penlight
NEWS - Koi no ABO
TegoMass - TegoMass no Uta Commercial
TegoMass - TegoMass no Uta Album
TegoMass - TegoMass no Uta Concert Pamphlet
Kamenashi Kazuya - Baseball
NEWS Winter Party Diamond PV sets - Separate shop photos for each member

Price: $3 per photo. Special pricing for buying sets (see individual post for pricing). Also, buy 10 individual photos and receive the 11th one free!

Concert Preorders

Kis-My-Ft2 2009 National Tour Deadline: December 17th Full list of con goods available now!

Arashi 5x10 Anniversary Deadline: December 2nd

Yamashita Tomohisa Solo Concert Deadline: November 18th

Special: For a $60 fee, you can receive 15 or more items at cost.

Photobook/DVD Preorders

KAT-TUN Break the Record Live Document Photobook
Gokusen the Movie Photobook

24 Hour Television Special Dramas (Includes Ryo, Takki, MatsuJun and Kame's specials), Kanjani8 Puzzle DVD's and DBSK History in Tokyo Vol. 4

Prices include free economy airmail shipping!

Buzzer Beat Merchandise
24 Hour Television Merchandise

We also offer the following services: Magazine subscriptions, Fanclub Registrations, Deputy Service (for purchasing off of YJA, mbok, and other Japanese sites), and Lolita Purchasing Service. For more information, go here.

For Sale

AnAn - Jin Akanishi Issue - $12 each
Hey! Say! JUMP 2009 Concert Sticker Set - $15 (2 available)
Hey! Say! JUMP 2009 Concert Pamphlet - $28 (2 avaiable)
Hey! Say! JUMP 2009 Clearfile - $12 (2 avaiable)
NEWS - Winter Party Diamond Strap - $15 (2 available)
NEWS - Winter Party Diamond Yamapi Clearfile - $12 (1 available)
Mgirl (Aiba photoshoot) - $50 (comes with special Barbie 50th anniversary items) Mint condition.

Ueda Tatuya Mousepeace Mascots - here

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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