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Want to TRADE


i have a lot of things that i don't want anymore, instead of selling them i prefer to trade them for things that i want. I'm from Spain and have some feedback here

this is what i have:

English Manga

Jim Henson's Return to Labyrinth #01
Life #01 to #04
Sugar Sugar Rune de Moyoco Anno #01
Diabolo [complete]
Crossroad de Shioko Mizuki [complete]
Yurara de Chika Chiomi [complete]
Fruits Basket Fanbook -Cat-
Captive Hearts #1 to #3
Two Flowers for the Dragon #1 and #2
The Laspisluzili Crown #1
Highschool Debut #1 to #8
Yokai Doctor #1
Tough Love Baby [Yaoi]

Japanese Manga

Maison de Beauties by Setona Mizushiro #02
Kin'iro no Corda by Yuki Kure #01
Sugar Sugar Rune by Moyoco Anno #01
AQUA by Kozue Amano #02
Hot Gimmick 1 to 8 by Miki Aihara
Kodomo no Omocha [complete] by Miho Obana
Georgie!! [complete bunko] by Man Izawa and Yumiko Igarashi
Confidential Confessions [complete] by Reiko Momochi
Confidential Confessions -Deai- [complete] by Reiko Momochi
Tensui [complete kanzenban] by Kazuichi Hanawa
Vampire Knight 1 to 5 by Hino Matsuri
Kekkaishi 1 to 4 by Yellow Tanabe
Ouran Host Club 1 to 5 by Bisco Hatori
HxH Drops 1 and 2 by Minami Kanan
Sakura Wars 1 to 4 by Hiroi Ouji and Ikku Masa
Extra Heavy Syrup #1 by Yayoy Ogawa
Galism 1, 2, 4 by Mayumi Yokoyama
Binetsu Shojo 1 to 5 by Kaho Miyasaka
Kagetora 1 to 8 by Akira Segami
Basilisk 1 to 5 by Masaki Segawa
Honey and Clover 2 to 10 by Chica Umino
Rainbow 1 to 14 by George Abe and Masasumi Kakizaki
Lady Snowblood [complete] by Kazuo Koike and Kazuo Kamimura
Emerging [complete] by Masaya Hokazono
Glaucos [complete] by Akio Tanaka

I have a more things (more manga, artbooks, merchandising) in here

What I Want is:

Wild Ones: 7+
Red River: 18, 21+
Devil Does Exist: 6+
Kilala Princess: 2+
After School Nightmare: 10
Me & My Brothers: 9+
Kedamono Damono : 2, 3
Tramps Like Us: 14
Mars: 4+
Tokyo Boys & Girls: 3
Shugo Chara: ALL
Sugar Princess: 2
BODY: 5+
Orange Planet: 2+
Papillon: 3+
A,A Prime (Moto Hagio) <- MOST WANTED MANGA
Honey Hunt: 2+
Blank Slate: ALL
Dramacon Ultimate Edition
Rurouni Kenshin Profiles
The Rurouni Kenshin Companion:The Unoffical Guide (Mysteries & Secrets)
Cipher: ALL
From Eroica With Love: ALL
SWAN: ALL (minus 2, 6, 9, 10)
The Wallflower: 5+
Maid-Sama!: 1+
Love Attack!: 6+
Eternal Sabbath: ALL
Maka Maka
with the Light
Ôoku: The Inner Chambers: 1+
Shinobi Life: 4+
Gakuen Prince: 2+
Crown: ALL
Itazura na Kiss: 1+
Beast Master: 1+
Kaze Hikaru: ALL
Minima!: ALL

Tags: manga: english, manga: japanese, wanted

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