Rakusu Klein (rakusu_klein) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Rakusu Klein

Hi again GaragesaleJapan! I've updated my Etsy shop!

I now ship to Canada, Mexico & the UK! (As well as the US)

Please visit it, I've added lots of new things. Everything is under $20, And 95% are under $10! Great earrings, accessories, cell phone charms, rings, keychains and more that are GREAT for Christmas Gifts! (Or even for treating yourself!)
I also take comissions! I do many cosplay accessories, Especially Earrings and other types of jewelry, such as Sailor Senshi earrings and hair clips, Also mascot plushies! Just have to ask. Picture below is just a small portion of what I offer.
**New Item Highlights** Mini Companion Cube for Cell Phones/DS', etc. ** Pumpkin Pie Earrings & Ring for Thanksgiving! (Or a fall/autumn lolita cord) ** Chain Chomp Earrings ** Fruit Tart Ring (Great for Fruit Lolita Cords.) **

Click the picture or here! CynialPink on Etsy.Com

Also check out my Sales Journal!
Also! I still have tons of keychains, accessories, manga, plushies for sale at my sales journal. Ignore manga prices! I am willing to go to $3 per volume! cynicalpinksale
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