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I'm going to be moving soon and need to reduce the amount of stuff I possess. Right now there's mostly Action Figures up. All have been kept in great condition unless noted.

I acept Paypal and concealed cash right now. Sorry, but as much as I want to I can't accept trades right now *cries* Everything is pretty much name a reasonable price and it will more than likely be yours. LJ Feedback is here. Thanks for looking!

1 Allspark Battles Ironhide and Desert Blackout
2 Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts vol 2 01 CLoud Strife
3 Robot Hereoes Mirage and Starscream
4 Play Arts FullMetal Alchemist no 1 Edward Elric
5 Titanium Series Die Cast Bumblebee
6 Kingdom Hearts Play Arts no 2 Riku
7 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Play Arts no 4 Cloud Strife
8 Roy Mustang Plush
9 Kakashi Plush
10 25th Anniversary Autobot Hound with Ravage
11 Sideswipe
12 Titanium Series Die Cast Autobot Rachet 2007 movie version
13 Robot Heroes Ironhide and Bonecrusher
14 Starscream series 9
15 Titanium Series Die Cast Thundercracker
16 Titanium Series Die Cast Rodimus
17 Substitution Jutsu Kakashi
18 Titanium Series Die Cast Side Swipe
19 Robot Heroes Autobot Jazz and Thundercracker
20 Megatron series 9
21 Sailor Neptune plastic covering sundamaged
22 Final Battle Jazz
23 Robot Heroes Bumblebee and Soundwave
24 Autobot Jazz movie original paint
25 Robot Heroes Bumblebee movie and Starscream
26 Bumblebee movie version
27 Titanium Series Die Cast Autobot Jazz original paint
28 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Play Arts no 3 Sephiroth
29 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Play Arts no 2 Vincent Valentine
30 Titanium Series Die Cast Autobot Jazz
31 Robot Heroes Rodimus and Insectacons
32 Titanium Series Die Cast Ironhide
33 Final Fantasy VIII Play Arts no 1 Squall Leonhart
34 Tiny Kakashi Plush
35 Titanium Series Die Cast Smokescreen
36 Titanium Series Die Cast Megatron
37 Iruka Plush signed by Quinton Flynn
38 Robot Heroes Sunstreaker and Galvatron
39 25th Anniversary Starscream
40 Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Special Edition Sora Wisdom Form
41 Recon Barricade
42 Kotobukiya Final Fantasy VIII Figure Collection no 5 Laguna Loire
43 Bratz World! Collectors Edition Tiana - Tokyo, Japan Target Exclusive
44 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Play Arts no 0 Cloud and Fenrir
45 Titanium Series Die Cast Cheetor
46 Titanium Series Die Cast Starscream
47 Titanium Series Die Cast Rodimus Prime
48 Rescue Rachet
49 AllSpark Power Offroad Ironhide
50 Thundercracker
51 Blackout
52 3 Figure Optimus Prime - Protoform, Vehicle, and Robot mode Target Exclusive
53 Autobot Rachet
54 Ironhide
55 Mighty Muggs Iron Man
56 Evolution of a Hero Bumblebee classic camero and battle damaged concept camero

100 DBZ/GT Super Android 17
101 Megatron punching toy
102 FMA Aphonse Elric with 2 extra hands, 2 Edward Elric, Roy Mustang, Lust, Bradely
103 Bleach Ichigo, Kenpachi, Sado, Byakuya, Yoruichi
104 Gundam Wing Zeches, Wufei, Relena, Quatre, and Trows (missing bangs)
105 Shaman King figures SD & Normal
106 Sora w/ Original box
107 Final Fantasy VIII Squall, Rinoa, Irvine, and Selphie
108 Sailor Pluto DIC Doll
109 Teengae Mutant Ninja Turtles Mike and Raph
110 Naruto Sakura and Iruka
111 Titanium Series Die Cast Side Swipe
112 Rurouni Kenshin Figure

In a couple days I'll add trading cards, manga, and CDs

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