♫ Mie ☪ (memorial_sky) wrote in garagesalejapan,
♫ Mie ☪

Selling some lolita stuff~

-prices don't include shipping
-shipped from CA 94539
-I'm open to trades, but I'd prefer to sell :)
-I have feedback on the loligoth dbs
-comment if you have questions!

Baby blouse
flat measurements-
sleeves: 25 in.
bust: 12 in. unstretched to 15 in. max

It's a lovely blouse that comes with a removable bow, but it's too big on me. This was size M on the site.

Fully shirred Baby jsk
flat measurements-
bust: 9.5 in. unstretched - 16 in. max
waist: 16 in. max
length: 32 in.
This jsk has adorable lace and a bustle back! I really love the bottom part and wish I could just have a skirt of it, but shirring looks awkward on me, so I'm letting it go. D: There are also detachable waist ties, so there's no minimum waist measurement :D Please note that I am not 100% certain about the max measurements, since I didn't want to stretch the shirring too far, but I'm pretty sure they can go up to a bit larger.
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