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22 November 2009 @ 11:03 pm
Store opening, continued  

Sorry to spam this place like crazy, but I'm still kind of new to the LJ selling community. I've added some new items to the shop as well as slashed some prices on my artbooks and a few selected manga for your holiday shopping needs!

You can view my Ebay feedback profile page here . I'm also a suitable buyer as well.

Yakitate Japan Vol. 15-18 (Japanese)
Hunter X Hunter Vol. 4 (Japanese)

Other Merchandise:
Hunter X Hunter(Pin)
Tales of Destiny-(Pin)
Tsubasa Chronicles-Sakura and Mokona keychain
Animal Crossing-(Cellphone charm)


Bushinsaba-Korean-(Region 3 only)
infection-Japanese-(Region 1)
Pokemon: The First Movie-English-(Region 1)