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Artbooks, Shounen Jump and Newtype Magazines, and Manga

FMA artbooks, Newtype magazines, Shounen Jump issues, and manga for sale. The manga I'm selling are like new and $3 each or less. I'm selling like-new Shounen Jump and Newtype magazines complete with their posters/DVDs/extras. Prices are negotiable and offers are allowed!

All the items for sale are listed with title, details, condition, and price. Mind the glare in the photos!


Fullmetal Alchemist: Art of the Anime - A hardcover book containing official artwork, details, and screens of the FMA anime. 96 pages.




Condition: New
Price: $12

Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa Official Guide Book - A softcover book containing character introduction, director and voice actor interviews/comments, screenshots, and anime designs.




Condition: New
Price: $5


All books are in extremely good condition (like new) with the exception of Fushigi Yugi, which has slightly bent edges. Each book is priced at $3, but the Fushigi one is $2. There are 2 yaoi titles: Gravitation 1 and Passion 1.

These Newtype issues range from June 2004 to May 2005 (12 issues). Each one is in like-new condition, and have their original posters/inserts and the DVDs that come with each. Each magazine is $3, but for the whole lot, you can make an offer. As much as I want to include free shipping, I need textbook money, but I can offer a discount.

All the SJ issues are in good to like-new condition. Only the 2003 issues have some wear on their covers, but that's about it. The June and July 2006 issues are brand-new and still in their plastic.

Front and Side views

The available issues by year:
2003 - June to December
2004 - January to December
2005 - January to May, Sept, Dec.
2006 - January to Oct.

The following is an official X Japan DVD/CD set released in the USA, so the DVD works on NTSC players. Features live performances and clips and the DVD, and a 'greatest hits' compilation of sorts. It was opened once, never watched/listened to, so it is practically new.

X Japan: Best (CD and DVD set): $7


Payment is via PayPal. I ship from the US and can ship internationally. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I can combine shipping and discount if you buy multiple items. Again, if you want to negotiate a price for anything, please say so and I'll definitely consider and reply. I'm also looking for anything Miwa Shirow-related, and Atlus items.
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