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24 November 2009 @ 11:55 pm
Yaoi, Shojo and Action Manga sellout of 92 sets or lots.  

I have a sale of 92 ebay lots (once they sell, they sell), from single yaoi titles to full and new sets (from Lunar Legend to Papillion) all from my shelves, a pet free, smoke free environment.

Check out the pictures and links of what all is for sale PLUS Cool-B Lamento specials, Short Story Specials and Carnelian illustration Brand new with DVD and posters for sale at the

Or go right to the Ebay sale
HERE, all single yaoi books already are POSTAGE PAID in the USA, many postage paid in Canada as well.

Many brand new Yaoi in wraps or from publisher, taken from the ‘to read’ pile even though they are brand new and just a week or more out. This includes Drama Queen/Doki Doki/Netcomic and other rare or out of print yaoi books.

Yaoi can be ‘bought now’ or I recommend bidding or buying if you want it as manga lots start ending on Friday.

Titles range from the out of print to the hit like Future Lovers 1 & 2 (vol 2 O.O.P. but in Wraps, brand new), Ruff Love, Pet on Duty, to La Satanica (DMP new release), Naughty but Nice, Saucy but Sweet, Mister Mistress, plus

A Love Song for the Miserable, Love Training, Love Share, The Devil Inside (Doki Doki New Release), Two of Heart, Hot Steamy Glasses, Kirepapa 1 or Black Wing Love (and 20-30 more Yaoi ebay lots)

Full/complete Sets of manga, shoujo/shojo and action manga include Vampire D 1 &2, 07-Ghost, Venus in Love, Burst Angel, Yurara, and yuri swordfighting Hayate Cross Blade

Plus Otomen, The Third, Sugar Princess, Eureka 7, Queen’s Knight, Platinum Garden, Eternal Sabbath, Blood+ Adagio, Future Diary, Shinobi Live, E’s Deluxe Edition and Three in Love

This is me cleaning out my collection of the last two years, get them now, as when they are gone, they are gone – in NEW/AS NEW condition (I’m a little obsessive compulsive about my Manga).

CUT here.