lysalie28 (lysalie28) wrote in garagesalejapan,

SALE: Free clothing fukubukuro (lucky bag) from Japan!!!

Time for another fukubukuro (lucky bag) sale! The bags are divided into two categories: sweet and cool. Each bag will include clothes and perhaps accessories. The clothes are in excellent condition (worn 1-5 times). Basically you only pay for shipping and Paypal fees. You tell me how much you're willing to pay and I'll fill up the bag corresponding to the shipping weight. Offers must be between $10~$40. (From my last sale, the sample contents for a $10 mostly-accessory bag were: hat, swirly colored tights, leggings, belt, shirt, hair accessory, towel, stationery set, pouch.) This time there will be mostly clothing items, including shirts, skirts, dresses, and jackets.

Sample pictures for "sweet" clothes:
Size S~M only

Sample pictures for "cool" clothes:
Size M~L only

I accept Paypal and will ship worldwide (airmail or SAL). If you're interested, simply leave a comment with your offer, shipping method, and any other questions.

I have positive feedback here:
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