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For sale: Manga and DVDs (some yaoi)

Hello again, everyone. Back with a few new things and lowered the prices on some of my old items.

Title: Crimson Spell
Condition: Very good. The lamentation on the bottom back corner is peeling off ever so slightly.
Price: $6 shipped.

Title: Kingdom Hearts 1-4, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories 1-2, Kingdom Hearts II 1
Condition: Like new.
Price: $30 $20 shipped.

Title: Lament of the Lamb 1-7
Condition: Like new
Price: $30 $25 shipped.

Title: Yellow 1-4 with Collectors Box
Condition: Like new
Price: $30 $25 shipped

Title: Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya vol. 1
Condition: Like new
Price: $10 shipped

Title: Sensitive Pornograph (if you want to buy this, you have to be 18 years old)
Condition: Like new
Price: $10 shipped

Title: Samurai 7 vol. 1-5
Condition: Like new, some have never even been watched.
Price: $25 shipped.

Titles: Misc. and selling this as a set. Kind of like a sampler set.
Condition: Most are in very good condition. Tokyo Revelation has some wrinkling from water damage. Solty Rei's disc holder is broken so the DVD will be shipped in a CD wrapper.
Price: $25 shipped for all of them.

All of the prices include shipping only if you live in the US. International shipping will cost extra. All items will be shipped via Media Mail or First Class, with no insurance or Delivery Confirmation. If you would like these services, you will have to pay for them. If you refuse these services, I am not responsible for any packages that are damaged or lost.
If you don't like the prices, shoot me an offer. Worst I can say is 'no'.
I have 100% feedback here.

Thanks for looking.
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