Linh (toastednoodle) wrote in garagesalejapan,

shiroi_karma (email: is a fraud.
this person has stolen my money under the account name red_garnet, unless they can prove otherwise - I sent them US$100 for some D'espairsRay items that they were apparently selling, but got no reply from them after I sent it (this was in early~mid august). They didn't reply my emails (to They deleted their account and the post. I know that red_garnet is shiroi_karma because the format of their posts is the same - look at this post. The D'espairsRay one was very similar, and actually these pictures are probably taken from Yahoo Japan Auctions. Also, both accounts accepted cash in euros (s/he lives in Portugal) and bank transfer.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar case recently (could have been with the same person, but under a different lj username). I'm really angry (not only at the person, but also at myself for not being more careful... it was really obvious, but I was blind to that -___-; so yes, it is my fault)

anyway, I remember the first time a fraud was discovered in this community, and what happened. I'm hoping maybe some people can help in some way? I hope it's ok to post this.

and if you're (the one I sent money to) reading this... I am really saddened by the fact that you had to stoop this low just to get some money. I want my money back.
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