avaneanime (avaneanime) wrote in garagesalejapan,

3 hour sale in our bonanzle booth.

**Sailor Moon ** Card Captor Sakura ** Legend of Zelda ** Super Mario Brothers ** Utena ** CLAMP ** Yaoi ** Fruits Basket ** Kirby ** Nintendo** McFarlane's Monsters ** Cosplay ** Dungeons and Dragons ** Animation Art ** AND MUCH MORE!

We've got a special sale in our Bonanzle Booth today! 35% off almost everything (there are roughly 5 items excluded out of over 130 included) for 3 hours between 12pm and 3pm pacific time! We really need the space so we're willing to clear some of our older stuff out at pretty reasonably prices. So check it out, but remember the sale doesn't start until 12pm PST! Feel free to scout out what you want, but don't make your order until the sale starts if you want the discount!

If you've never visited our shop before it's full of vintage anime, video games and 80's toys and collectibles! If you're a fan of vintage bits of geekery you're sure to find something you'll like or that would make a perfect gift for the lover of vintage geeky goodies in your life!
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