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Selling Sailormoon and Utena DVDs

I prefer to sell in the states but if you want to buy the SM set internationally, I'd have to weigh that.
I'm not responsible for post office mishaps. If you're worried, request insurance.
Paypal only. All prices include paypal fees
All conditions vary, as stated/priced
I don't hold items, sorry.
All of which I'm selling is out of print, and I'm basing prices off of ebay/amazon.
All shipped USPS first class, $3.00 individually, more for sets (Have to calculate according to shipping zone)
I ship fast after receiving payment (1-3 days).
I can combine shipping on the Sailormoon DVDs.

Utena Black Rose box set
Pics here:¤t=112209162240.jpg¤t=112209162324.jpg

This goes for a lot on eBay apparently o.o. The box set has been damaged a bit (See pic) but other than that the box set itself is fine. The first DVD has been cleaned, and the rest are like new. $90 including paypal fees, without shipping. If you're interested in buying the first two DVDs of the Utena series (Not part of box set) I can sell them $20 together. The first DVD has scratches (Not cleaned) but the other's fine.Can haggle price of boxset. Give me zip code to calculate shipping.

DVD 1:

DVD 2 here:

Sailormoon S DVDs (Region 1 English/Japanese tracks)

All the following are out of print with regular covers except the second DVD.

Heart Collection 1- This DVD has been cleaned due to scratches but is otherwise fine. I've checked the disk (All 7 episodes) and there's no pausing/skipping. $21


Heart collection 2- This is a geneon reprint but the DVD is spotless. $17


Heart collection 3- This DVD has been cleaned due to scratches. I've watched the DVD and it only skips once, for a second. $20

Heart collection 6: This is a like new DVD with a shallow scratch that was there when I bought it (Gotta love factory quality right?). $25.

$78 if bought all together.

I'm not lowering on the Sailormoon DVDs, sorry XD. I've seen outrageous prices for them (Someone on eBay's gotten away with selling a geneon reprint of the second DVD for $75 alone, several times) and I think I'm charging fairly for them.

If you have any questions email me at serene lune @ hotmail dot com.
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