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Holiday Sale! Order $50 & up get 25% off !! Furoku & Shitajiki only!

~ Christmas wishlist Holiday Sale ~
I have Anime everything! Tons of items listed but very limited quantities on hand as much of it is from my personal collections!!
Holiday Sale is for Shitajiki & Furoku items only! $50+ orders get 25% off their total!!
Shipping is additional and is ALWAYS based on where you live and total weight as the PO's rules state.

~Anything shown in the pic I have(except MMM tin item). If it's not on the site just ask me for pricing. Limited quantities ~

All items are in mint condition unless otherwise noted.
All items are either from my personal collection or from my extras. Though about 3/4ths are from my personal collection.
Most all items have pricing for your convience.
Anything that says "offers" means just that. But please make them serious offers only!
DO NOT ask or order anything you CAN'T Pay for, within a couple of days. You will be placed on a black list if you do this!
Paypal and Postal Money Orders only!!
First orders get priority. As items sell out I will post them as sold.

IN ADDITION: I also have Production Art, Phone Cards, Trading Cards, and more on my site!!
There is no sale in these catagories but you will want to check them as I do have very good shots and scenes that are very well priced but they are from my personal collection. Once sold they are gone!! Production Cels & Sketches from these series availible right now
☆☆ Ashita no Nadja ☆☆ Ayashi no Ceres ☆☆ Card Captor Sakura ☆☆ Sailor Moon ☆☆ GTO ☆☆ Fruits Basket
☆☆ Ippo ☆☆ InuYasha ☆☆ Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne ☆☆ Loveless ☆☆ Marmalade Boy ☆☆ Princess Tutu
☆☆ Fushigi Yuugi ☆☆ Plastic Little ☆☆Black Blood Brothers ☆☆ Ultra Maniac ☆☆Junni Kokki ☆☆Peach Girl
Tokyo Mew Mew

♥♥ Furoku & Zen-in items: Ribon, Nakayosi, Sho-comi, Lala, and more!! I have Lots of CLAMP items and Sailor Moon as well as many other series like Gundam, Code Geass, ect.
♥♥ Trading Cards: Sailor Moon, Onegai Teacher, Aya Yori Aoshi, Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yuugi, CCS, Chobits, Inuyasha and many many more!!
♥♥ Shitajiki aka Pencil boards: Doujin, event, festival, and more!
♥♥ Japanese anime phone cards: CLAMP & a few other series.

✖✖~ Feedback ~✖✖
E-bay: Serendipity_Collections
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