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Like TVXQ? This is for you! :D

TVXQ/DBSK Japanese CDs and other goodies!
US buyers only, please!

★ All prices in USD
Prices are negotiable; just ask.
★ Shipping ranges for $5-10, so it's best to buy more than one item! xD
★ Paypal only!
★ I have feedback on my journal, as well as on Asiajam and the Loligoth DBS!
★ You can email me at if need be!
★ If you have any questions, don't be shy to ask! ^__^


Artist Photo of the Month

March - $15
Opened once. Comes with stickers!

May version A - $11
May version B - $11
Both have only been opened once. May version A has a slight scratch on the case.

June version A - $11
June version B - $11
Both only opened once.

July version A - $11
July version B - $11
These have only been opened once to see what was inside.

Memory game Cards (Sept APoTM collectible) - $17
60 cards. 30 designs; 2 of each design. Only opened once to see the designs!

SUMMER poster - $20
This can be sent folded or in a tube. Shipping will cost more for tube-shipping. (that sounds so weird xD)
$15 if purchased with a CD! {will come folded}



Five in the Black (Japan Version) - $30
In great condition! Comes with obi.


Lovin' You (Japan Version) - $12
Only played once. Comes with obi.

SUMMER (Japan Version) - $15

SHINE/Ride on (Japan Version) - $15

Forever Love (First Press; Japan Version) - $18
Never opened!

Together (Japan Version) - $15

Purple Line (Japan Version) - $15
Has never been opened!

Thank you for looking! ☆
Tags: collectibles, music: jpop
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