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Auctions ending in less than 48 Hours: All types of Japanese goods

Hi, I have some auctions on eBay that are ending in less than 48 hours. Below are some of the things I have up for auction:

Huge lots of anime trading cards:
+Aquarian Age TCG
+El Hazard 2, Slayers Try
+Sailor Moon stickers
+Digi Charat

Many anime/manga/game artbooks including:
+Chiho Saito (Utena's author)
+Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy X illustrator)

Anime toys/furoku from various series:
+Kaitou Jeanne clear poster
+Tanemura Arina furoku/doujinshi bags
+Tenchi Muyo Ayeka figure
+Kirarin figures set of 3
+Hello Kitty Pocky Cell Phone Strap
+Small cosplay props
+Japanese stationery items

Japanese magazines:
+Shonen manga magazine lot: V Jump, Shonen Magazine, Dragon
+Shojo manga phonebook magazines: Ribon with all furoku
+Lot of 4 Jpop magazines, 3 of which have features on Gackt

If you're interested, please take a look here:

Tags: collectibles, fashion: cosplay, magazines, stationery
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