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I'm currently looking for Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kingdom Hearts and Law of Ueki merchandise or/and doujinshis! Please list your prices as USD!!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

I like -

* Yamamoto/Hibari - 8018
* Dino/Hibari - D18
* Mukuro/Hibari - 6918
* Hibari-centric stuff (lol)
* Yamamoto-centric stuff

I'm also looking for 'cosplay' (or wearable) Vongola rings, preferrably all 7 of them.

Feel free to link me something or tell me what you have. I'm willing to take anything KHR with Hibari or/and Yamamoto. They are my favorite characters from there but keep in mind that I dislike Gokudera a lot. Lol. No offense to anyone who does of course.

OH! I am looking for a korean doujinshi called 'A View to a Kill' by Young-Lee (Mahnwa of 'Moon Boy' and 'Kill Me, Kiss Me')

Kingdom Hearts:
* I only like AkuRoku (Axel x Roxas) *

I'm only looking for doujinshis and art books for KH! Thanks!

Law of Ueki:
* I'm a Ueki x Mori fan *

Doujinshis, manga or merchandise is fine for LoU! Just show me some pictures of what you have and we'll see!!


I can pay through Paypal or well-hidden concealed cash.


* The only thing I can trade is my art. Otherwise I'm open for art commissions! Please find me at deviantart for examples!!

A simple price check is 5 USD for a CG bust up. I will not send you the picture unless we have talked about it.

* if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.
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