Vulpes vulpes. (cheriecherie) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Vulpes vulpes.

Everything's gotta go!

I am located in Hawaii USA surrounded by volcanoes and the occasional pineapple.
I accept Paypal, Money Order, Concealed Cash in order of preference.
Priority goes to first person who can pay.

My feedback can be found in a master post here.

If you don't like the price, offer what you think is reasonable! I insist~

I'm heading to the post office tomorrow with a few things, so don't miss this opportunity to catch a busy college student on her day off!

Updated to include:
Full sets:
+ Neon Genesis evangelion in a hollographic box
+ Loveless complete anime series
+ Loveless (almost complete) manga series
+ MSD sized Ringdoll Dylan BJD, new
+ YoSD sized Custom House Ange Ai Sunny, new
(Both BJD's are in great condition, come with extras, $150-$230)
+ Death note anime and movie bundle
+L'arc en ciel live DVD

And everything has been marked down.

Death Note Volume 1 Anime, and Death Note Movie Bundle
$20 $15 for both
Both are brand new, I'm just off my Death Note kick.

Loveless- Complete series
Volumes 1-3
Excellent condition
Cost $60 originally
Selling for $40 $30

Neon Genesis Evangelion full set (episodes 1-26)
$30 $20

L'arc en Ciel
Includes DVd and Japanese single plus pamphlets
Has some cute goofy footage of the at the aquarium
$10 $6

Loveless (almost) complete manga series
All volumes except 5 and 6
Can be sent via media mail
All are in mint condition with minimal to no wear.
Cost $60 originally
Asking $40 $30

New item!

Model: Custom House Ange Ai Sunny
Mods: None, totally brand new.
+Doll, with faceupped head
+Green eyes
+Original box and pillow, undamaged

Split: Only if there are takers for the body and the head simultaneously.

Trade: Looking for a LTF parts in NS, maybe also YoSD sized clothes. *downscaling*

Method of payment: Paypal

Price: $150 shipped in the USA

Layaway?: 2 weeks, possibly more. I'd like half down.

Type dispatch available: USPS Priority or First Class (from Hawaii) at Buyer's choice. If you pay for insurance I will pay for tracking.

That's all for now, I hope you find just the perfect thing you were looking for.
Tags: anime, dolls: general, movies, music: jrock
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