Biseinen-ya (Formerly Ycon Auctions) (biseinen_ya) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Biseinen-ya (Formerly Ycon Auctions)

Yaoi-con Auctions - Week 3

Up for LJ uction this week are: Signed Haruka Minami Postcard, Yaoi-con "Lucky Bag", Basara Sengoku Doujinshi by Kodaka Kazuma, Supernatural Doujinshi Lot, Okane ga Nai Comiket Glasses by Sadistic Mode, Vassalord Manga Reproduction Print, Tohoshinki SD Character Socks, Signed Uki Ogasawara, Signed Tale of the Ice Cold Demon Manga and Haru wo Daiteita Sketch by Youka Nitta.

Click on the Banner to take you to the listing. The Auction ends on Sun day, 6 Dec. at 6PM (PST). Before you bid, please read the profile page FIRST! Thank you!

Tags: anime, collectibles, doujinshi, manga: japanese

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