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Anime and Manga sale!

Lots of manga and anime dvds for sale! Everything is in great condition unless otherwise noted! follow the cut to see what I have for sale!

Prices do not include shipping. Once you let me know what you want and give me your zip code I will figure the postage. I accept paypal (prefer it actually) and money order. If you pay by paypal there will be a service charge (like $2) unless you do direct deposit. also I would prefer US buyers only. I'm slightly worried about getting things overseas.

All my manga is in a condition that I deem to be good. Some have minor shelf wear that I don't think is worth noting...if I note something it is because I would be annoyed by it. If you want I can take pictures but I didn't feel it was necessary, but I aim to please so let me know ^^

I.N.V.U. - Volume 1-3 $8 or $3 each

Battle Royale 1 - $3

The All New Tenchi Muyo- volume 1 $3

Angelic Layer - Volume 1 $4

The Prince of Tennis - volume 1 $3

Peach Girl - Volume 2 $3

Saiyuki - Volume 1 $3

Saint Tail - Volume 1 $2 - some creases/bend

Samurai Deeper Kyo - volumes 1-3 $8 or $3 each

Marmalade Boy - Volumes 2,4-7 $14 or $3 each

Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow - Volumes 1-4 $11 or $3 each

Island - Volumes 1-6 $17 or $3 each

Ragnarok - Volumes 1-7 $20 or $3 each

Naruto 1-3 $8 or $3

Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden 1 - $3

Kare Kano 1-4 $11 or $3 each

Mars 2-15 $40 or $3 each

Between the Sheets $3

Vagabond 1 $3

Inu Yasha 1,2,4,5,7,9,13,14 $23 or $3 each volumes 4-7 are the larger edition

Kana 1-4 Japanese $11 or $3

Vandread Special Stage Japanese $3

DVDs...prices are $5 each plus shipping.

Arjuna 1

Rayearth 1

Saint Tail 1

Blue Gender 1

Gasarki 1

Generator Gawl 4

Real Bout High School 1

Sol Bianca

Boogiepop Phantom 1

Vandread 1

El Hazard the Alternate World 1

Orphen 1

I will negotiate and I will make deals on the different items. Buy multiple sets and I will give you a discount! So go for it! If you're worried about if I'm reputable or not I can show you my ebay feedback.

Tags: anime, manga: english, manga: japanese
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