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Assorted Magazine and CD/DVD Sale

Seeling assorted CDs and magazines bought from Japan and (of course) in Japanese. All used but in good condition, some jewel cases might be slightly damaged but otherwise fine. Unless otherwise noticed, all DVDs are Region 2, so please make sure you can play that region. And all prices in USD, ask for paypal and added shipping cost. I'm also willing to negotiate.

PM/email me: aceofrozez@yahoo.com


Super Select 1000 hairstyles magazine-$5
good conditon

Hair Sta! another hair styling magazine-$5

Men's Egg men's fashion magazine-$3

NewsMaker music/media magazine-$5

SHOXX Vol. 178 (poster included)-$8

SHOXX Vol. 169 (poster included)-$8


The WORLD Ruler (Nightmare)-$10

Killer Show (Nightmare-1CD/1DVD)-$12

Secret Garden (Gackt-with or without box)-$8

No ni saku hana no yoni Vol. 1 (Gackt-1CD/1DVD, includes music sheet)-$15

The Seventh Night ~Unplugged~ (Gackt, includes keychain and temporary tattoo)-$15

Platinum Box ~IV~ DVD (Gackt, includes coffin with playing cards)-$15

Platinum Box ~VII~ DVD (Gackt, includes puzzle with glue and secret message?)-$15

Platinum Box ~VI~ DVD (Gackt, includes ashtray(?) and lyric book)-$15
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