gikun (gikun) wrote in garagesalejapan,

nitro chiral figure and chuxchu on ebay

ok,i start collecting figure last year~
at first i just bought random figure untill i realize that my collection now is focusing on bishounen (i'm a girl anywayXD)

so i decided to part with my only female figure i had, chu x chu chua churam, figure by alter
i know this one was became a rare item, the last time i saw on amazon n ebay, her price reach 200USD~

but i dont be that mean~ she will start at 50USD (plus shipping 20USD from indonesia)

and for ladies (guys as well, if u luv them~), i have an extra set of Chiral no mori coin figure for sale,
they start at 10USD (plus shipping 5USD)

come to my ebay page===>oVER HERE~

thank you for reading~XD
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