fabulousmonkey (fabulousmonkey) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Looking for Third Sailor Moon Card Album, ALSO CARD TRADING!

I own both of these (SS and Sailor Stars) in the picture but have been told there is a third one (Sailor Moon S) so I am looking to purchase the third one of this style. These were made by Amada as a promotional item. (Thanks for your help, Raziel2012, in identifying) So if you have whatever the third one looks like I would be happy to purchase it from you! The ones here have 10 pages that look frosted, each of these pages have 4 pockets so you'd either be able to fit 4 in each page, or 8 if you double up the cards per pocket. If you happen to know where I can purchase it would be super helpful too!

I also have some Cardzillion cards to trade from Series/Set 2!

They are cards 53, 68, 75, 76, 79, 80

Most of these cards are in mint condition besides card 75, which I would say is near mint since it has a slight smudge in the word bubble where Sailor Mars is talking about something. The shipping will be from Canada. If you'd like feedback info, just click on my name. Thanks for looking!
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