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Sarah the crab

JPOP Posters for Sale

• Prices are not set in stone. Feel free to haggle.
• Shipping for one poster is 3 USD and only an addition dollar for each additional poster.
• All will be shipped via Media Mail in a tube.
• If interested please comment here.

Utada Hikaru - Heart Station B2 poster 8 USD

Utada Hikaru - Hikari B2 poster 25 USD

Utada Hikaru - Beautiful World / Kiss & Cry B2 poster 15 USD

Cocco - Zan Cyan B2 poster 10 USD

Cocco - Onsoku Punch B2 poster 10 USD

Salyu - Terminal B2 poster 10 USD

UA - Kazoe Tarinai Yoru no Ashioto B2 poster 8 USD

Hitomi Yaida - colorhythm B2 poster 15 USD

Ishikawa Chiaki - Boku wa Mada Nanimo Shiranai B2 poster (originally folded) 8 USD

Ando Yuko - Parallel B2 poster 20 USD

Bahashishi - Kiseki B2 poster 10 USD

Bahashishi - Tsunaida Te to Te B2 Poster (originally folded) 8 USD

Bahashishi - Story... (originally folded) 8 USD

HYDE - HYDE B2 poster (originally folded) 15 USD

school food punishment - futuristic imagination B2 poster 15 USD

Chihiro Onitsuka - X B2 poster 25 USD

SNoW - Hatsuyuki B2 poster 25 USD

Megumi Hayashibara - Shuuketsu no Sono e B2 poster 15 USD

Tohoshinki/Dong Bang Shin Gi - T B2 poster 10 USD

Tohoshinki/Dong Bang Shin Gi - O B2 poster 10 USD

Tohoshinki/Dong Bang Shin Gi - All About DBSK 2 B2 poster (originally folded) 10 USD

Tohoshinki/Dong Bang Shin Gi - Mirotic version B B2 poster (originally folded) 10 USD

Maaya Sakamoto - Sakamoto Maaya Live Tour 2009 "We Are Kazeyomi!" B2 poster & DVD c/w first pressing pop-up packaging 50 USD
Tags: music: jpop, music: kpop, posters
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