artemis051 (artemis051) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Tons of new Items updated in my shop !
HUGE price cut on everything in the shop!
$2-$75 cuts!!!!

Special $5 memo set!
But it and get a ticket for $5 off your next purchase!
only 10 are ava!
get yours now!

One of the largest updates of the season! Keep looking for new stuff is being added every week !!!!!!!!!

...Body Line Sweet Lolita Dress with bloomers!
..New Ac/dc rag candy sweet lolita dress
...huge sale on all new never worn cloths! cloths posted!!! lots of asian fashion!!!
..super $1 sale on leg warmers and socks!

Kawaii Accessories:
..a whole new lots of lolita coco, cookie, and sweet chocolate mirrors!!! adorible and straight from japan !!!
...New lanyards for all sorts of styles! phone chamrs and accessories! hello kitty and rilakkuma accessories! hannari tofu !

...Huge sale on all anime art books and manga!
...Chinese manga sets for only $10 !!! check it out!

Jewlery/ hair accessories:
...Ton of hello kitty merch had been updated!!!!
...Vivvine Westwood knock off earings posted now!
...lots of lolita and decora wear! ncklace and earing sets! very cheap ! bracelet and neckalce sets!
..tons of new hair accessories including hair bows, ties, plushie scrunchies and sooo much more! a deffinate must see!!!!

Stickers, Eletronic Decals, Sticker cards Stationary:
..tons of new stickers all under $0.50-$2 !!! stationary items! adorible memo pads! me too rabbit and bear stuff!!!

...New knockoff tokie dokie and lesportsack are posted for dirt cheap!!
...reduced prices on alllll rilakkuma bags and bag accessories!
...lots of new hello kitty items! totes and shoper bags posted!

Cybergoth dreadfalls and extentions:
...3 new designs have been posted along with 3 new extentions!!!!

...Lots of new snacks updated from all over asia!!!!!!!!

check it out now for some of the best deals this season!! Prices will not stay this good for long!

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