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DS/DT: Gothic&Lolita bible, atelier BOZ, Deorart, Alice and the pirates, GLP and swimmer

Hello everyone!
I got some items for sale and they are all in good condition, as new or tried on.

Items are located in the Netherlands
Paypal only or bank transfer within EU. non-cc paypal preferred.
As you can see, I put most of the items for negotiation, but please be reasonable.
Not really interested in trades atm, I prefer selling, but I'll consider h.naoto or something similar .
Shipping within Europe will be around 7,40 for standard shipping or 9,24 for priority shipping.
Shipping outside of Europe will be around 7,40 for standard shipping or 10,45 for priority shipping !under 500gram!
Above 500 gram it will become
€17,76 for standard and 19,95 for priority outside of Europe :(
I'm sorry the shipping sucks so much here, I'll try to check again at the post office to find alternatives.
Please forgive me if measurements are a bit off. I tried my best so they should be correct but ask me any questions if you need to! ^^

Atelier BOZ pants

I bought this pants from closet child almost half a year ago, it didn't fit me well so I've been trying to get rid of this ever since :(
The main problem would be the waist I think

€30 or make a reasonable offer including shipping? :)

Length: +/- 101cm

Alice and the Pirates skirt

Inside/ Picture of the back
Sorry for the crappy pic but I can't find my stock photo.. ;__; I bought this second hand and it's too small for me so how much I'd like to keep it, I'll have to sell it.
It has a built in pannier, removable bow tie at the back, the heart pouch is removable.
€90 €80 or (partial) trade with a AatP skirt (preferably darker colors) in a bigger size XDD

Length: 45cm
Waist 64cm

Deorart Coat NWT

Tags and extra buttons Flower corsage in plastic box
A simple yet elegant short coat. Never worn and still has tags. It includes a removable black flower corsage!
Sizing says L but it's recommended for western size M, ideal for gothic coordinations in autumn!

€40 excluding shipping.

I'm not sure about posting this one though.. as G&L bibles are always such a hastle to send :( I guess for this one I'm going to say Netherlands(gets priority)/Europe only!
€15 €10
Patterns are still included, poster is not, sorry!

GLP Punk pants

Worn Picture of the side

Baggy pants bought from Ebay once. It's a bit too big for me and I've been wanting to get rid of it for a while XD

Asking around €20 excluding shipping, or best reasonable offer ^^

strawberry mouspad $7,50
Mini-fan. Open up the lid for a cooling breeze. AAA-batteries not included. $7

a huge name tag for bags? @__@ 17cm $6

jewelry box thing? $7
mini beauty case with mirror? I dunno $7
Flats for swimming pool or going to the beach. I guess it's size EU36. $15

tape holder $5

6 giftbags $7

Thank you for your interest!
Tags: fashion: egl
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