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WTB! Sailor Moon and Hana Yori Dango Photobook

I'm trying to grow my Sailor Moon collection! I'm under a bit of a budget, but I am currently looking for:

- an Eternal Sailor Moon Alarm Clock (the one where she is standing beside the moon)(Doesn't have to be in the box, but I would like it to work ^_^)
- a set of Sailor Moon magnets (the ones that were released for PGSM- I just bought some for my sister, and they are so adorable)
-A Prince Diamond Doll (doesn't have to be in box)
-A Sapphire doll (doesn't have to be in box)
-An Endymion doll (spelling)(doesn't have to be in box)
-A Tuxedo Mask plushie

Also I am looking for a copy of the Japanese Hana Yori Dango Photobook, if anyone has it. I love me some Matsujun and it's my favorite jdrama.

If anyone is interested in selling these, please leave a comment or PM me. Thanks!
I have feedback in my journal, if you want to check it out. ^_^
I would be paying via Paypal.

Tags: dolls: general, idols: johnny's
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